AMD Radeon R7: Features and Complete Review

The Radeon R7 is an entry-level graphics card for laptops. It is based on the same chip as the old AMD RADEON R7 but features faster GDDR5 graphics memory. Although the core speed is slightly reduced, compared to the M440, the general performance is clearly better. On average the gaming performance should be similar to an Nvidia GeForce 940M (or 940MX with DDR3).

The Radeon R7 is produced in 28 nm and still based on an old GCN chip (no new Polaris architecture).

Features of AMD Radeon R7:


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Ques. Will it support heavy games?
Yes, but in low fps

Ques. This is a graphics card right?
Ans. Yes

Ques. My pc board doesn’t have an HDMI port. it has only a VGA port and my new monitor LG um
Ans. Hi yes u can use this GPU to take HDMI output, and u can connect your HDMI monitor to it

Ques. Can I play pubg mobile with 60 fps
Ans. Yes but if u have 4 core processor

Ques. Is this card compatible with gigabyte motherboard g2030?
Ans. Yes it is

Ques. Play for max Payne 3 settings high
Ans. Yes

Ques. Does it support multi-monitor?
Ans. Yes

Ques. Does it support zebronic G31 ddr2 motherboard please sir ask me
Ans. Work but work slow

Ques. Can I crossfire this with a10 7850k APU?
Ans. Yes

Ques. Can I use this card with my 230v ps
Ans. Yes, the GPU does not require any special power supply, it takes power from the motherboardĀ 

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