LOGITECH G305:Lightspeed Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

Logitech G305 

Basically, it’s a wireless gaming mouse with an amazing palm grip and relaxing design. It is an easy-to-handle kind of mouse that not only gives you perfect palm grip but makes your surfing journey memorable. This mouse is a boon to each and every gamer who is eagerly waiting to switch the wired mouse and go wireless. 

If you look at the Logitech G305, you would surely be forgiven for the thought of it being a Logitech G Pro mouse. Lacking lightning and cable —Logitech is an Esports-centric wired mouse. Beyond the fact that they build and design is quite identical literally. Logitech G305 is a bit lighter than its rivals, weighing in at only 99 grams. Logically, a person has more concentration when the mouse used is heavier but Logitech G305 offers the one being lighter. 

Apart from the shape and size, this mouse is sturdy and hard too. Even if you slam it over a surface or keep it in your laptop bag careless, it won’t break. Offering toughness and boldness, this mouse makes its place at the top of lists for gaming purposes.

Design and features:

Beginning from the shell, the shell is easy gripping and the curvature on the top is super comfortable and subtle. Gamers prefer playing with a grip but G305 is equally comfortable and all of its six buttons are super easy to use and even it offers a good claw grip. There are two buttons on the left side of Logitech G305

It has an asymmetrical design that would work amazingly both for lefties and righties. The thumb buttons are not swappable like the other G series mouse. The mouse wheel is broad and wide offering smooth and pleasant scrolling.

Logtich G305

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Under the hood specifications:

Logitech G305 is packed in a HERO (High-Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor. This sensor is found in the pricier wireless mice of the company. This mouse is very very accurate and is an excellent sensor too.  Has a range of 100-12,000 DPI, meaning it offers settings for anyone and any gaming scenario. 

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G305 offers a space to store a wireless USB dongle under the removable top cover if you wish to take it on the road. Even the mouse uses Logitech’s light-speed technology that is wireless to keep the mouse connected within a limit of 1 ms. This mouse is absolutely responsible and is sharply attentive towards its job offering zero input lag and fast responding.

Outlook specifications:

Buttons Activation


Total Number Of Buttons


Number Of Side Buttons


Number Of Programmable Inputs


Profile Switching Button


CPI (DPI) Switching Button


Gesture Support


The Logitech G305 has a decent amount of buttons, including two additional side buttons. It has a CPI switch on the top of the shell. All the buttons are programmable, including the left click but it’s not easy to reassign it.

You can set a G Shift button that on pressing longer gives you layers of commands together. The onboard memory only supports a single profile but has a button having a feature to set multiple profiles too.

Some more specs:

 Coming to the working and results of the mouse battery life is one of the major concerns about a wireless gadget. The G305 offers some impressive features when we talk about battery life. 

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It provides a battery life of 250 hours with the previously mentioned 1ms response time. Actually, it has a single AA battery inside its shell that gives such a tremendous service.

Endurance mode: 

Logitech G305 offers many features including the one which is a self relaxer for the mouse itself. Basically, this mouse is used for gaming purposes, but it’s not at all restricted its use up to the gaming industry . It means, if you use the mouse for normal activities or the general use or on road use then it’s called “ endurance mode” via  Logitech’s software .

The major fact about this feature is that , if you use it for general work applications then it’s battery would give you a non stop performance of nine months on a single battery with an 8 ms response time.

It provides an amazing gaming performance when needed and is an excellent on-road wireless mouse too, which makes it a handy deal for people.


As we know that it’s a common case among almost every peripheral of Logitech, this device can be controlled, modified, and set up using the Logitech Gaming Software. The latest version of Logitech Gaming Software provides the same streamlined features and easy use as of the previous peripheral versions. It doesn’t provide flashy lights and customized RGB LED effects but mini customization is available.

This mouse has 6 buttons that assign new functions by opening up simple drop-down menus. There are different pre-set options, for example, you expect to have thumb buttons. It allows assigning macros too.

Many gamers do not find any use of the customized mouse buttons, to be precise, a six-buttoned mouse. It’s important to know that it allows you to customize DPI settings according to the user’s will. Behind the mouse wheel, there’s a button that lets you toggle DPI pre-set options.

You may have a maximum of five or fewer pre-sets but I know a gamer’s mind would more preferably bend towards a maximum of two presets. It has an option to provide slow DPI for certain game types and fast DPI for the other surf. The Logitech Gaming Software is also giving an opportunity to switch the mouse response rate if the user wants to extend the battery life to take it on the road.

Gaming and Logitech G305:

The Logitech G305 is an excellent wireless gaming mouse. Gamers contributing hours for playing heavy games can immediately get impressed by the responsiveness and simplicity of Logitech’s mouse. When it’s a talk of accuracy and speed of responsiveness, the HERO sensor is absolutely amazing.

It provides the lower DPI option setting that is very helpful for the headshots in PUBG, the quick turn-around in Over watch, etc. Thus the mouse will never let you down in any field of gaming techniques. For racing games, the acceleration is very smooth and the sudden stops or breaks are extremely accurate. The glider of the mouse is exceptionally well, precisely on a hard surface mouse pad.

Logitech G305- a boon for Gamers

Generally, gamers struggle a lot with the high prices of the gadgets used for pc gaming. Right from the mouse, the high costs of components of the best gaming mouse upcoming or till now can have a good competition with Logitech’s G305.

This mouse holds a perfect price that one can imagine for a Logitech’s wireless mouse. If one compares it with any trending gaming mouse then it obviously lags having many buttons and an ergonomic design, but being half of the price it gives its best.

Talking about its appearance, it looks very less like a gaming mouse. Logitech G305 cannot be defined as a typically large, black, or horned mouse. Neither it shares its complement to the modern gaming mouse, which looks more like an angry beetle. Generally, it has a traditional design, shape, and size which fits completely to a hand. As told above, it doesn’t have any extra ergonomic features and is very comfortable to use.

Specs of Logitech G305:

Price in India:

₹4,835.00 (approx.)



Primary grip:

Palm grip 





Sensor resolution:

 100-12,000 DPI

Report rate:


Battery life:

Up to 250 hours (AA battery)


Light speed wireless 

Feet durability:



Windows 7 (or later), Mac OS (10.11 or later), Chrome OS.

These were some specs to give you an insight into the wonderful mouse. You can grab it online or offline if your place has good showrooms for such gaming gadgets. Choose your right, with the best LOGITECH G305.


1.What do you understand by DPI?

Ans: DPI is the standard used to measure the mouse sensitivity, expressed as the number of DPIs (dots per linear inch) that a device can detect. 

The greater the number of DPIs, the higher the mouse sensitivity, and the faster the pointer speed.

2.What do you understand by Endurance mode?

Ans: The general use of the mouse can be done by using Logitech’s endurance mode which offers a report rate of 8ms to maximize the battery life.

3.How many buttons does Logitech G305 have?

Ans: Six buttons

4.In Logitech G 305, how many colors are there in color-coded settings?

Ans: On hitting the DPI button to cycle through each color-coded setting indicated by a single LED the colors are: Yellow, white, red, purple, and blue.

5.How many hours does Logitech G305 last?

Ans: It lasts about 250 hours with a single AA battery.

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