Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Best Wired Gaming Headphones With RGB LED Effect in 2021 India

Redgear is the most famous brand among gamers. It has been famous for making quality products that have helped users in quality gaming. It has always focused on the need of gamers and has made numerous quality accessories. 

Red gear headphone photo


Key Features:

  • Comfortable build design 
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • RGB lights 
  • Powerful driver unit

Red Gear Cosmo 7.1 is a budget king which comes with a 7.1 sound configuration system that provides loud sound gaming. Based on its stereo sounds stated in its name it supports comfortable gaming and has a great number of features.

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Some of its extraordinary features are:

Virtual Sound:

Everyone is familiar with the sound quality of digital signals,  the demand has increased. So various devices modified and upgraded themselves. The same goes here, Keeping this in mind product details have been provided:

The technical name of the eight-channel surrounded audio system is 7.1 surround sound. It is commonly used in home theatre configurations. It adds up with two additional speakers which are more conventional as it adds up quality to the optimum sound of six-channel 5.1 audio configurations. The 7.1 virtual sound effect can be configured through windows based sound system settings and we need to install a necessary driver to complete the requirements of the mega  Red Gear Gaming 7.1 headphones.

7.1 sound effect gives clear cut sound while playing High FPS  games or while doing editing kinds of stuff. The high-quality RedGear Cosmo 7.1 gaming Headset. While playing heavy games such as Fortnite, PUBG PC, Valorant etc. The sound quality obtained by Red Gear Cosmo 7.1 has been top-notch and these minute details in the sounds create an advantage for gamers.

LED RGB Lighting : 

The RGB lighting on the gaming headset is excellent and provides a premium look inside the dark rooms. The collections of 10 bright colors are designed to present as a loop mode for the visual experience. There is also a tiny controller which has a switch present, it can be done manually as per the requirements. Along with the good sound, the Redgear cosmo 7.1 will provide you a premium experience with the red, blue, green effects. 

Mic :

One of the best in the market to provide high-end mic quality, voice will not break and it gives enhanced outgoing quality and we are good to go and can have a nice voice chat on social media application. The position of the mic is pretty portable and can be changed as per your need and comfort level and the best features of its mic are that it provides noise cancellation features. 

The microphone controller inside the headphones can be controlled via a driver application and it also has two buttons present on headphones to control the volume. Thus it is easy to maintain the volume of this headset.

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Volume Controller :

It is usually tough to control the output sound but when you are using redgear cosmo 7.1 you won’t have any problem while controlling the sound, because it comes with a volume controller to manage sound levels.

Mic Controller :

The mic controller plays a major role in controlling your privacy and you can mute as well as unmute yourself with your controller directly.


  • ss2 SS1
  • Download Redgear Driver for Redgear gaming headset.
  • Connect the headphones to your laptop or PC, with help of either a USB plug or a USB connector 
  • Select it in Windows, enable loudness equalization to experience beast sound mode.
  • Check some images below to take help. 
  • Open sound settings in windows 
  • Select the playback as speaker 
  • Click on Enhancements 
  • Select the check box indicated as loudness equalization.
  • Apply the settings
  • Close sound configuration 

All set, Now are ready to go.

“ Finally Sound SETTINGS is completed” 

REDGEAR  Cosmo 7.1 Equalizer Settings

Without proper Sound balance, no game can be mastered. So here we have listed some of the best equalizer settings for cosmo 7.1, through these equalizer settings you can comfort and experience extraordinary gaming. There are some best AAA and FPP games with good 3D sound levels.




  • Launch Redgear Profile Software
  • Turn on Equalizer(EQ)
  • Turn 3D on
  • Reduce treble frequencies
  • Turn on 7.1
  • Turn on the  Windows Sonic  for headphones 



  • Launch redgear driver software. Check the image below. 
  • Turn the EQ on and 3D on, through this it will enable surround sound support, you can hear crystal clear notes of music 
  • Reduce 1200 Hz, 3600 Hz, and the 12000 Hz, this will decrease default treble intensity. 
  • In  60 Hz and 300 Hz, there are no preferably settings required to change for gaming but can be changed as per the need of a person
  • Click on Virtual 7.1 and turn it on, but it’s better to bring no change in the 7.1 mapping 

Sound Setting SS


  • Disconnect the headphones
  • Connect it again to the port.
  • Application get reset within time,

 The user now will  get quality beast sound while gaming and editing,



  • Bulky and heavy:

Due to large ear cups, the bulk has slightly increased if the weights are concerned. The bulkiness might cause some pain to the neck when used for a longer time.

  • Earcups:

Ear cups are having soft padding are made of PU leather, thus there is a risk that it may be worn out, by accumulating sweat.

Frequently Asked Question:

Suggest me the best equalizer present for the FPS game?

Hypex is one of the best equalizer, which is a gaming brand by Kingston and this brand provide smooth gaming experience through this platform.

Is Redgear Cosmo 7.1 a good headphone?

Yes, we can be considered redgear cosmo 7.1 as the best headphone which comes at a decent price range, headphones prove that we can experience effective gaming through low budget headphones. These are quite good for music and watching movies.

What driver should I have to install for these headphones (REDGEAR COSMO 7.1)? 

Download the Driver for the headphone RED GEAR COSMO 7.1 

Which are the best 7.1 surrounds sound gaming headphones?

Best gaming headsets by redgear and has great looks and are marked as the best headphones in this price range. It is famous for its budget-friendly and value-for-money options.

Which is better Redgear or Cosmic Byte?

Based on their controllers:

  • Quality:

Both give a premium feel but the use of the spring mechanism gives minor issues with trigger buttons and may also lose its tensile nature.

  • Aesthetics: 

Both controllers have a great look, but keys on cosmic byte are a lot better. The LED’s shine much bright and with darkness, the RBG effects look amazing.

  • Extra Features:

Same features in both controllers, 

Cosmic Byte comes with a Free USB dongle, through which you can attach it to your phone’s micro USB slot. You can use this free dongle to attach the pen to your driver to the phone.

  • Preference: Redgear is a bit heavier, and it does not make much difference. Otherwise, Both controllers are alright.


The Redgear cosmo 7.1 is a nice gaming headphone and users can consider buying this at this price range. For gamers this can be a must-buy, it is a total value for money product.


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