Sennheiser CX Sport Wireless Bluetooth in Ear Headphones with Mic (Black) Review -2021

Nowadays, wireless Bluetooth earphones are basic and essential products used commonly in every individual’s life in taking calls, listening to music, attending meetings, and attending online classes. We also use these types of earphones in sports activities like running, doing exercises, and at the gym. So, To perform these kinds of activities we need some unique features like sweat and waterproof, secure fitting, comfortable earcups, long-lasting battery life, etc. So, In search of these types of wireless earphones, our search ends up on Sennheiser CX sport which satisfies almost all the requirements.

Who should buy it?

  • If you want an earphone for the gym then you can choose Sennheiser CX sport.
  • If you want to sweat and splash-resistant earphones then you must consider Sennheiser CX sport.
  • For perfect fitting and excellent passive reduction of external noise, Sennheiser CX sport is perfect for your ears.
  • These earphones come with soft ear cups which increases the comfortability of the product and you can use it for a long time in one go.
  • Sennheiser CX sport comes with Bluetooth version 4.2 with multi-point connectivity.

What should you check while buying an earphone for physical activities?

For physical activities, we need some different types of features.

So, we need to consider some key features for these types of purposes.

Here are some key features that play the main role in performing these types of activities.

  1. Wireless: Wireless ability of earphones helps to increase their comfortability and makes them easy to handle while performing some workout activities. Wireless earphones have a long life as compared to wired ones because they are compact and durable.
  1. Ability to receive and make calls: Choose those Wireless earphones that can play music as well as make and receive calls.
  2. Changeable earbuds: Those earphones are best for sports purposes which come with a perfect fit and adjustable earbuds which are suitable for every type of size.
  3. Noise cancellation: This feature helps earphones to remove the background sound and gives an excellent experience of listening to music.
  4. Sound quality: these earphones must have decent bass and have the ability to produce a strong beat which helps you to increase motivation to perform a workout.


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Sports Earphones

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Sennheiser CX sport gives you a satisfactory sound, strong beat, high bass, and enhances all the highs and mids of the music.

These are the best pair of wireless earphones, look premium, and deliver high-quality music.

Designed and Engineered in Germany. Have 6 hours of battery life in a single charge of 1.5 hours.

For more details go through the specification given below.



CX sport


15*2*2 cm


20 grams

Microphone available


Headphone type


Special feature

Sports_&fitness, tangle-free cord

Battery required



1 lithium polymer battery required

Cable required


Type of connector


Wireless type


Some other pieces of information

Design: Sennheiser’s CX sports are quite attractive and come with neon accents.

CX sport made up of rubberized ear fins makes them warm in your ears while working out. Also, you will get three ear fin sizes with four different ear tips by which you can find your right fit.

Specially designed for runners as they are sweat and water repellent as well as splash-proof.

Another special feature is that CX sports contain volume and play /pause buttons with the microphone as well as an in-line remote below the right earbud.

It also has a fantastic feature of quick charging ability with good battery life.

Performance: CX sports is known for its great bass. Its bass will give you the experience of high sound quality.

CX sports also have excellent vocals and you can feel each and every node of music as it gives you details of every single lyric.

In short, we can say that these sporty Sennheiser CX sports earphones are warm, comfortable, durable, and compact.

You can experience high bass music without any bleed into the mids.

If we talk about connectivity, CX sports is designed with Bluetooth 4.2 which gives high wireless audio quality.

So, in terms of connectivity, Sennheiser CX sport’s performance is up to the mark as you will never experience Bluetooth dropout.


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  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Sports friendly design.
  • Excellent audio quality.


  • Mids could be richer.
  • They are a bit expensive according to the features.

Is it worth buying?

After knowing all the pros, cons, features, performance, etc one last question which came to our mind is, “Is this product worth buying?”.

The solution of the whole question depends upon your requirement from the product.

After discussing all the features we can conclude that Sennheiser’s CX sport is all about its bass and comfort which can make it an ideal earphone for you if you are searching for a pair of wireless earphones to enhance your listening experience.

Overall, If this product fulfills all your requirements regarding perfect earphones for you then you can easily get these from sporty earphone pairs from online stores like Amazon, etc.


With some cons but with some good features, Cx sports of Sennheiser can be an ideal earphone for you for your physical activities like running, jogging, etc. Experience boosted running performance with great bass of CX sports. With the 4.2 version of Bluetooth Sennheiser’s CX sports provides you high audio quality. With warm, sweatproof, waterproof, comfortable, and perfectly fitted ear fins enjoy your workout. So, grab the pair and get ready for boosted and enforced workout activities.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. Does Sennheiser CX Sports work finely with MacBook?

Ans. Yes, CX Sport works quite well with the MacBooks.

  1. How much warranty period does Sennheiser CX Sport have?

Ans. Sennheiser CX Sport comes with 2 years of warranty.

  1. Does Sennheiser CX Sport have a lagging problem?

Ans. No, the lagging problem is almost negligible as they are built with high audio quality which prevents video and music lagging. 

  1. Does CX Sport show vibration during phone calls? 

Ans. No, CX Sport doesn’t vibrate. 

  1. Can I use these earphones for my Android phone? 

Ans. Yes, you can use it as they are compatible with all Android devices. 

  1. Is CX Sport supports google assistant? 

Ans. Yes, it supports google assistant. 

  1. Is it right that Sennheiser CX Sports comes with multi-connection? 

Ans. Yes, it has a multi-connection feature by which you can connect it with two devices simultaneously. 

  1. Can I use it for receiving calls? 

Ans. Yes, it comes with a microphone which allows you to take calls in between the music. 

  1. Which version of Bluetooth is featured in CX Sport?

Ans. CX Sport is featured with a Bluetooth version of 4.2 which gives you high audio quality.

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