Sennheiser HD 800 Over-Ear Circumaural Dynamic Premiere Headphone is it worth buying (Black)

After so many years of headphones, we see various kinds of changes in features, technology, and design. 

With these changes, we can see various types of headphones in the market. 

We want one of the best from these various types of headphones which contain various features and have a touch of development and unique changes of years.

After so much research Sennheiser Hd 800 satisfy almost all the requirements. Sennheiser Hd 800 is an outstanding success of headphones development.

But before its specification and other details, you should know that for whom it is crafted or who should buy it?

Who should buy it?

  • Sennheiser Hd 800 is popular among audiophiles as it provides pure audio.
  • Best for people who work continuously and want super comfortable headphones.
  • Sennheiser Hd 800 is made for mastering purposes, it can detect any master glitches.
  • Best for those who want to know every tone of music with deep information. It gives you a clear picture of music.
  • If you are the one from the above list, then you should know what type of features there will be in dynamic stereo headphones before buying them.


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What should you check while buying Dynamic Stereo-type headphones?

Some features are important and can make it the best in its category. 

Before we discuss features you should know,

What are Dynamic Stereo-type headphones?

Dynamic stereotype headphones, in this name dynamic, means having electromagnetic drivers that convert audio signals to sound signals via electromagnetic induction and stereotype means getting voice through multiple channels, funneled left or right.

There are three main components of dynamic stereotype headphones so, let’s begin with those features which are necessary for dynamic stereotype headphones.

  1. Voice coil: It is used in dynamic headphones as they move with the mic signal. Since the main function of dynamic headphones is to use electromagnetism to create motion.
  2. Diaphragm: It is attached to the voice coil of the headphones. It converts sound to electrical current. In some headphones, they are cone-shaped which picks the sound and diaphragm vibrate and the magnet moves near a coil.
  1. Soundstage and imaging: In Stereotype headphones, the sound comes from both the left and right speakers which makes you feel real. So, to be the best dynamic stereotype headphones they should have good sound staging.

Like other headphones, these headphones should have good frequency response, drivers, impedance, etc.

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Sennheiser Hd 800 is one of the finest headphones in its series. It is manufactured in Germany with super excellent quality materials.

Made with a large transducer which experiences Sennheiser you great realistic listening of music.

Sennheiser Hd 800 has become one of the best and glorious headphones which can fulfill almost all requirements.

Let us begin with its specification,


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331.69 gram

Microphone Form Factor

With microphone

Connector Type


Headphones Form Factor




Special feature



Some other information

Design: The design of Sennheiser makes it different from other headphones available in the market. The large earcups, plastic work, metalwork make it deluxe. When people see it for the first time, they will remain in the misunderstanding that it will be soo heavy but it’s not true. Sennheiser Hd 800 excellently manages its weight and pressure and will make you feel light on the head. The vibrating part that is the diaphragm is not circular interior but in the outer ring. The design is very elegant and does not produce much disfigurement or distortion. Sennheiser Hd 800 with 330 grams of weight is enormously pleasant. The driver is mounted on a prick stainless steel at an angle to mimic the way the sound coming from speakers. The driver is tested perfectly so, that Sennheiser provides an exact match driver if you want to change Hd 800’s driver in the future.

Not only earcups but also the wire is so beautifully attached which is removable. Sennheiser Hd 800 is stored very beautifully and assembled through hands and tested in Germany.

Performance: While we talk about any headphone’s performance most people focus on the more and more bass. But the main thing to focus on is sonic balance and this is the feature that makes the difference between Sennheiser Hd 800. Sennheiser Hd 800 becomes the most glorious and successful headphones. It directly connects your heart with music through its outstanding performance. The Sennheiser Hd 800 is different from other dynamic headphones as they sound like high-end speakers.  You feel like the sound is coming from all around not only from the side.


  • Superlative engineering and build quality.
  • Have removable wire.
  • Super precise sound.


  • Very expensive.
  • Not a suitable match for iPod.
  • Absence of adapter for minijacks.

Is it worth buying?

After all the discussion about Hd 800’s specification, features, design, performance, pros, and some cons also, we can see that Sennheiser Hd 800 is near to perfect headphone. It sounds like speakers, makes you feel fantastic.

All these qualities make it worth buying. It is a headphone which gives you satisfaction on buying it. There are some headphones which are best to buy and Sennheiser Hd 800 is a perfect example of it.

So if you want to connect with the music and want to experience the world of music you can buy it any time from Amazon online market.

You can it from here: Amazon


Sennheiser Hd 800 is the best headphones for music lovers. And if you are not a music lover or do not listen to music very much then Sennheiser for sure makes you fall in love with music through its driver, accurate sound, comfortability, and its great build quality.

It looks heavy but it is very smartly handled and distribute its weight and pressure.

So, buy it and enjoy your moments with its sound also even when you are alone.


  1. Can I remove the wire from the headphone?

Ans. Yes, Sennheiser Hd 800 has a detachable wire.

  1. Is Sennheiser Hd 800 work with iPod?

Ans. No, it is one of the cons of it as it is not an exact match for iPod.

  1. Where is Sennheiser Hd 800 made?

Ans. Sennheiser Hd 800 manufacture in Gremany.

  1. Is Sennheiser Hd 800 come with a warranty?

Ans. Yes, Sennheiser Hd 800 has 24 months warranty.

  1. What is Hd 800’s Nominal Impedance?

Ans. Nominal Impedance is the approximately designed impedance of a device whose value is 330 ohms in Hd 800.

  1. Can others hear what I am listening to in Hd 800?

Ans. The answer is yes, they may listen to the sound because Sennheiser’s Hd 800 is an open-back type headphone.

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