Top 10 Best and Cheap Power Banks in India (2021)

Well said, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, yes, it magic many of you might think that how geochronology can be compared with magic but today in this 21st-century whole world is running on the tips of microchips where in a blink of an eye you can change the world map just by a feather tip then many of you will definitely agree with the fact that it’s a magic show. Since we are considering it as magic, we always need a magic wand when we are at our most difficult time, when we are at our worst in our lives. The same goes for technological advancement. Humans have always found technology as a solution to human curiosity and to fulfill this curiosity man led to many innovations such as supercomputers, laptops, power banks.  

India comes under the developing nation where there is a requirement of greater needs that are to be fulfilled, it has always been known for its highly qualified techs and for its “jugaad’’.

“Jugaad’’ has been a to-do word in India and especially in times like these i.e pandemic when everything is in hustle-bustle. Everything has become online which leads us to greater demand for techno-savvy devices AND for lending its help here comes the hero of the show i.e. POWER BANKS. 

A power bank is a portable device that acts as an external power source for use in recharging electronic devices. It acts as a capacitor. At present movements, this is the greatest revolution. A power bank functions in a very simple manner i.e inside it contains batteries that are connected to a printed circuit board. The battery is a lithium battery and hence does not face aging issues and could be recharged. Power banks usually have a dedicated input port through which a user can charge a battery.

Power banks are loaded with multiple benefits one among them is that you can use them to charge multiple devices at a time plus some are benefited with solar charging which is very much beneficial that you can recharge your devices when you are going for an outing and so on, what makes it more important is that besides their essential use and great demand they are easily affordable also it has the feature of its portability i.e. they are lightweight and can be carried easily without consuming much space.

Power banks are essential need so to fulfill our need here are the top ten best power banks in India: 

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It is manufactured by Ambrane private Ltd which is an Indian electronic company. It is lightweight and can accept any type of cable; the outer body is sturdy and is scratch-resistant. It has nine-layer protection and also an LED indicator that will notify when this device is charged, comes with a feathered button touch, has a dual import system too, a micro USB /TYPE C port. It takes 12 hours to get charged up. 

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It is the most stylish power bank manufactured with a slim body and compact size.  It supports fast charging at both ends which means both the devices which are required to get charged and the power bank will also get charged up at a lightning speed. It has got four-layer protection. This device has also got the biss certification which means it has proven to be safe and secure and has got an LED indicator too.

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It supports one plus devices and one plus 8, 8pro, and 8T. It has twelve-layer circuits where one can charge a tablet and Smartphone together. It utilizes an 18 watt PD charge and it will let you charge power banks and devices simultaneously. It is the most lightweight power bank available as it weighs just  225 grams but is available in two colors only i.e. blue and black. It practically requires 12 to 8 hrs to get charged up.

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It has a 10000 mAh li-polymer battery which can be charged it has got up to 10 Watts fast charge and is non-slippery in nature.It is also provided with one micro USB cable and a user manual. It has 12 layers of advanced circuit protection. It is built with technology to protect the device from damages due to short circuits, chip thermal shut down, input/output over-current, electrostatic, and under-voltage.

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It is a product of the SSK group. It is a very efficient power bank that can charge two devices simultaneously using 2 USB ports. It comes with an advanced current shunt and has a prolonged battery life and could be carried by a person when he or she is on a flight also, it has a very prolonged battery life and weighs only 181 grams. 

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It has dual input charging options one is TYPE C and micro USB, digital display, compact design gloss finish, and anti-skid grip. It is built with lithium polymer cells. It is very and motivational compatible with iPhones, tablets, headphones, cameras, and iPods. 

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It provides superior quality products, has a 20000  mAh lithium polymer battery, three USB ports, LED charging indicators, a micro USB input chipset, and led torches. The device is capable of charging IOS iPhone 2-4 times, Mi phone 2.2 times, and iPhone for two hours. The product is very light and compact and it comes with a user guide, power bank, and micro USB cable. Dual charging technology allows charging on both devices simultaneously.

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Its main feature is QUALCOMM quick charge 3.0 for fast charging. It has a dual USB port, an intelligent power output feature, and a compatible design. It has a 9 –layer circuit protection which improves efficiency and safety and has a lithium–polymer battery offering 20,000 mAh. Double switching the power button on this device will switch to a low power charging mode which is suitable for low power devices like fitness bands and Bluetooth has a 93% conversion rate.  

9. Duracell Power Bank 

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It is one of the most popular companies. It has a battery of 10500 mAh capacity, 4 LEDs, and dual USB ports allowing simultaneous recharge of devices. 4-LEDs are there to indicate the battery level of the power bank when in use and recharging. They can be used during your flight time because they are very easy to carry. It could be used while charging their devices. It has dura-cell unique batteries also it guarantees three years of manufacturing warranty. The charging speed is very high and can pass through ten safety features including a flame retardant test but comes without a power adapter. 

10. INTEX 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank Mini (White) with Fast Charging


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It features two 5 V/2.1A output ports for charging smartphones, has lithium–ION battery with a near cylindrical form, and has one year warranty, is light-weight, made up of plastic, the small power button on close to LED indicators which control the LED flashlight but its USB cable is short and the conversion rate is poor. It has a unique feature in that it has 4 LED lights that indicate battery level with each LED representing 25%. India is still on the verge of development and has come so far and has a long way to go. Technology and its well-organized devices have always been helping hands for humankind and hope it will be like that for a future generation to come. It has become a fact that in today’s fast-moving world only technology is the bridge between our future and us.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How much time does it take to get fully charged?

A: Ambrane Powerlite XL takes 8-8.5 Hours to gets fully charged.

Q: What is the charging time with vooc charger? Can I use it to recharge my phone?

A: I will not consider it charging with a higher voltage output vooc charger because the company doesn’t clarify that it supports fast charging … if you do so definitely it will be charged faster. Yes, you can charge your mobile phone with it because it’s a power bank people use to charge mobile phones.

Q: Is type c port also give output?

A: It’s meant for only input you have another two output ports.

Q: Does it support QC 3.0?

A: Ambrane Powerlite XL Supports QC+PD Charging Support.

Q: Does it work with 10W?

A: I think no because to slow.

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