Top 5 Amazing Digital Thermometers (Buyer’s Guide) – 2021

In our day-to-day life, we have some devices which are important to our daily life. The thermometer is one of its examples. A thermometer is a device that is used to measure the temperature of the body and objects also. 

Thermometers are of two types. One is a mercury-based thermometer and the second is a digital thermometer. At present time digital thermometers are widely used as they are safe and are accurate. Mercury thermometers are also sensitive as they are easily broken. Digital thermometers are not easily broken. So there are Top 5 best digital thermometers.

The Omron MC 246 Digital Thermometer is a good product that can be kept at home because it gives accurate results and fast reading. Omron brand is one of the most trusted brands in India in a digital thermometer.

Main Features

  • This digital thermometer can use it on the underarm, tongue, and rectum to check fever. You can use it on different people from infants to adults in the household.
  • It has a beeper that alerts when the temperature arrives and also gives a beep when fever is too high.
  • This digital thermometer is one of the most accurate thermometers in the market.
  • In this, you can store data of the previous temperature so that you can see how the fever is behaving of a person for a couple of days.
  • This digital thermometer has an auto shut button due to which switches off on its own which helps in conserving the battery.


  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistant
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes difficult to change the scale

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Dr. Trust Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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This is one of the most trusted thermometers in the market today. It is a non-contact thermometer with many features so that small children can use it. 

Main Features

  • This digital thermometer has infrared technology which helps in measuring the temperature of the body from a distance. 
  • It gives a result in 3 seconds.
  • This digital thermometer can measure the body temperature level from adults to infants.
  • In this, you can switch between two different scales i.e. Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The digital thermometer can save data so that to check the progress of the patient. 
  • The thermometer has an LCD display and also color-coded results for easy understanding. The green light shows the temperature is normal and the red light shows temperatures are high.
  • This digital thermometer has two modes. One is the person mode in which you measure the temperature of a human being. The second is object mode in which you measure the temperature of the object. 


  • Accurate and trusted due to its results.
  • Measures temperature for both objects and people.
  • Color-coded LCD display.
  • Easy to use


  • No negative points

Hicks MT-401R Digital Thermometer

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Hicks MT-401R Digital Thermometer is that type of thermometer which is accurate, has easier storage, and is at a reasonable price. It will not disappoint you.

Main Features

  • This digital thermometer is fast and gives results in 10 seconds.
  • It comes with fever line technology which helps to indicate high fever and standard fever. When the temperature is high it shows red and green when the temperature is normal.
  • This digital thermometer is highly accurate.
  • The thermometer has a buzzer that gives alerts when the results are there and also when the temperature is very high.
  • The digital thermometer is water-resistant and you can clean it freely.
  • It uses both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.
  • It also keeps the memory of temperature readings.


  • Easy to operate
  • Highly accurate
  • No mercury poising
  • Fast and give a reading in 10 seconds


  • Can be uncomfortable to measure from the rectum.

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TECHICON Digital Oral Thermometer

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The TECHNICON Yes Plus Medical Digital thermometer is easy to use because you have to place the thermometer under your tongue or arm. It is the best alternative to mercury thermometers.  

Hence, it is safe to use. In this, you get an accurate reading in few seconds.    

Main Features

  • It has a soft tip due to which is comfortable to place under the tongue or arm.
  • It provides a result in 10 seconds.
  • It has the feature of a beep when the temperature is recorded.
  • It can be used both for infants and adults. 


  • Beeps when the result is there
  • Safe to use
  • Beeps rapidly when the temperature is high


  • Quality can be better

Dr. Odin Infrared Thermometer

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If there is competition in design and look in thermometers, then you wouldn’t have to get better than this. This thermometer is well-designed and ergonomic. It is the full value of money. 

Key Features

  • The thermometer can take a temperature reading of different body surfaces from a distance that means if a person is asleep, you can take the temperature.
  • In this digital thermometer, you can easily switch between body mode and object mode. This means you can measure the temperature of the person and also the temperature of bathwater for a child. 
  • It allows you to comfortably switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and it gives accurate results.
  • It gives results in three different colors.
  • In this, you can store your data or progress about your temperature reading.


  • Highly accurate
  • Multi-color display of results
  • Memory to store data 


  • Not have backlight

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Frequently asked questions :

Q: How to measure body temperature?

A: Click on the ON button and point the instrument on your head or palms from a distance of 5-10 cm

Q: Does it have a blue light display?

A: I see a green light display for normal body temperature & an orange light display for higher than normal. I have not seen a blue light display.

Q: What if the battery is down?

A: You will have to replace it, but once replaced it works for well over a year under normal circumstances… I am yet to charge the battery after the first load and it has been over a year.

Q: Is it made in China?

A: Yes but it’s good quality approved by FDA.

Q: What about the warranty?

A: Actually there was no warranty card with it and nothing about the warranty is mentioned. Better to buy in a shop.

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